Wednesday, November 2, 2016

How To Make Your Make-up Look Great In Photos

Have you ever taken a photo and your make-up just looks shiny, blotchy or completely alters the look of you? I know I have. Making your make-up look great for every day life is a little different then making it look great for photos. Photos make your skin look a little different then what it may look like in a mirror. Here are some great make-up tips to make sure your make-up looks great in every photo.

1. Prep & Prime. You should always prep and prime your make-up even just for every day wear. Always prep your face by using a moisturizer 1st. This will keep your skin from drying out. Use a primer to follow. It acts as a base coat for your make-up. It allows for a smoother application and makes it last longer.

2. Always use SPF. Using SPF should be apart of your daily skin care routine. Using SPF will not only block your skin from the suns harmful rays but it will help block some of the flash from the camera so you won't get washed out.

3. Make sure your foundation matches. Test your foundation to make sure it matches your neck and face perfectly. In every day life, if the foundation is off a little bit your might not notice, but in photos this tends to be amplified, making it very noticeable. 

4. Use Concealer. Flashes tend to enhance any dark circles or skin imperfections, so use a concealer that is about 2 shades lighter then your skin. The concealer will help cover these imperfections so you don't see them in photos.

5. Contour & Highlight. You have heard the saying the camera adds 10 pounds. Well you can help reduce that by contouring and highlighting. This will help to emphasize certain areas of the face and eliminate fullness in the face.

6. Always set with powder. Use a translucent powder in the t-zone and chin area to keep from getting shiny. It will help keep your make-up in place all day.

7. Use matte face products. Use a matte finished blush, bronzer, foundation or powder to prevent you from looking oily in photos. Be sure to blend it in well so your don't have any harsh lines.

8. Add a little extra. Don't go over board, just make sure you have some color and your lash game is on point. Photos can take out color, so you want to make sure you look good.

9. Avoid nude lips. Nude lips in photos just don't show up well. Always use a lip balm 1st, so you don't have dry, cracked lips. Aphrodite's Lip Treatment is great and can be used on top for an added shine that lasts all day.

10. First, Let Me Take A Selfie. Taking a selfie (with the flash on) before you leave is a great way to see how your going to look in photos. You can then examine yourself and adjust your make-up where it is needed.

I hope these great make-up tips help you get better selfies and photos. Let's face it, everyone wants the perfect selfie. 


Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Best Weight Loss Foods Ever!

Loosing weight and keeping it off is probably the hardest thing ever. Especially if you are a middle aged men and women. It seems like no matter what you eat, or how much you exercise the weight never seems to come off as quickly as we think it should. You are allowed to indulge or have a cheat day every once in a while because lets face it we live for those days. For the rest of the time, here are some great foods to add into your diet with there benefits and the the amount of calories they have per a serving.

1. Almonds. Almonds can help lower your cholestrol and keep you slim. They contain fiber and vitamins. There are 163 calories in one serving which is 23 almonds.

2. Apples. Apples slow digestion which helps you feel fuller, faster. This will help you consume fewer calories when you eat one apple with your meal. They have antioxidants, vitamin c and fiber. There are 95 calories in one apple.

3. Artichokes. 1 artichoke contains 10.3 grams of fiber. They help curb your appetite. Eat them raw in a salad or cook them as an appetizer. There are 60 calories per a serving.

4. Avocados. They help reduce food cravings, improve vision, heart health, and can reduce cancer risks. They contain potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamins c & e. In 1 cup there are 234 calories, not bad for all of those benefits.

5. Bananas. Not only do they contain potassium which helps reduce cramping, but they help your bodies digestive system feel fuller, longer. They have the most nutritional value when they are still a little green. In 1 banana there are 105 calories.

6. Black Beans. High in protein (19.5 grams in 1/2 a cup!) Help you burn calories, reduce belly fat, and curb your appetite. In 1/2 a cup there are 312 calories.

7. Blueberries. In 1 cup there are 85 calories and 4 grams of fiber. They help to speed up your metabolism and give you energy. Eat some about 15-20mins before a workout to boost your results.

8. Broccoli. Good source of fiber, calcium, and has cancer fighting compounds. Best when eaten raw or steamed. Super low in calories at only 30 per a cup.

9. Brown Rice. Lower in calories then white rice, filling, has tons of fiber. They help reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. In 1 cup there are 216 calories.

10. Cabbage. Full of antioxidants and vitamin c. And with only 22 calories in a cup, they can be a great addition to any salad, slaw or even sandwich.

11. Carrots. Help boost your immune system. They have lots of water and fiber. If you eat them roasted, they have more antioxidants and will help you burn more calories then eaten raw. They have 53 calories per a cup.

12. Cauliflower. Has 27 calories per a cup. Also full of fiber, potassium, vitamins k, c, and b6. Can be used as a lower calorie substitute for potatoes and it will still taste great because it will take on the flavors of everything else you use.

13. Chili Peppers. Full of vitamin c. Great for your metabolism and can help you burn fat much quicker. (up to 90 calories after a meal) Mix them into a dish if you cannot handle eating spicy foods. They have 30 calories in 1/2 a cup.

14. Coffee. Coffee plain can help boost your metabolism and burn about 26 calories per a cup. Use coffee in other ways like a shake or as a seasoning. You can't go wrong at 1 calorie per a cup.

15. Collard Greens. Give you a daily dose of vitamin a and k, while also giving you calcium. A great source of fiber and when eaten raw, its 11 calories in 1 cup.

16. Eggs. Loaded with protein, eat eggs for breakfast and it can help you loose more weight. Egg whites help you feel fuller, longer and keep your metabolism in check. In 1 boiled egg, its 78 calories.

17. Figs. They are naturally sweet, so no sugar needed. Eat one to help curb your appetite and settle your sweet tooth. Also they are very high in fiber at 279 calories in 1 cup.

18. Grapefruit. This fat burning food is made up of mostly water. Eat 1 half a grapefruit before each meal and it can help you loose up to 1 pound in a week. That's with not doing anything else! There high water content makes you feel fuller, quicker. There are 97 calories in 1 cup.

19. Greek Yogurt. The best of all the yogurts. Keeps you fuller and helps you eat less. Also for women, it helps keep your vagina in great health and can help fight off yeast infections. Makes a great snack with 17g of protein per a serving and between 80-100 calories depending on the brand and flavor. You can also get plain, then add your own fruit to it.

20. Green Tea. Known to help boost your metabolism, and burn fat but did you know that when you drink 5 cups a day, it can help you loose twice as much weight! It can also help reduce the risk of dangerous diseases like Parkinson's, ovarian, skin and prostate cancer. Add lemon or orange to it to help boost its benefits. There are 60 calories per a cup. Which is about half what a can of pop is.

21. Kimchi. If you can get past the smell or the fact that its fermented cabbage, Kimchi has a great source of vitamins a, b, c and probiotics. It also contains a healthy bacteria that can improve your gut lining and reduce inflammation. It only has 34 calories in every 100 grams.

22. Lean Protein. Not eating enough protein can help you gain weight instead of lose it. Eat small servings of protein throughout the day like chicken, turkey or 97% lean ground beef. It can help you improve muscle strength. In 1 serving of turkey, it is about 150 calorie.

23. Lemon. It is a quick, easy way to add flavor without adding calories. They help keep you full and fight off hunger cravings. There are 2 calories per a slice of lemon.

24. Mustard. The perfect condiment. It will add flavor without adding calories. There are 0 calories in most yellow mustard's and they have low amounts of saturated fat. 

25. Oranges. Full of vitamin c and fiber. They help you eat less through out the day. For a different orange, try a blood orange. In 1 cup of oranges it is 85 calories.

26. Peanut Butter. Full of healthy fats and protein, peanut butter is a great snack ad on. Combine it will a complex carb to keep your metabolism in check. In 2 tbsp it is 188 calories.

27. Pears. They will give you 15% of your daily fiber and lots of antioxidants in 1 serving. In 1 cup there are 80 calories.

28. Potatoes. Not normally good for you, but when eaten in moderation, (and not fried) they can help your body burn fat. They also help fill you up and keep you full. In 1 potato there are 163 calories.

29. Popcorn. 3 cups of air popped popcorn is the same amount of calories as 1 small handful of chips. As long as it is air popped and not from the movies, it is a healthy and filling snack. Loaded with fiber and protein. It has 106 calories per a 1oz serving. (good thing its light)

30. Pumpkin. Great for a dogs digestive system, and for you as well. Low in calories at 30 calories per a cup, this naturally sweet fruit is perfect for baking. High in fiber, and with lots of potassium and fiber. They can also be used in soup or a puree.

31. Raspberries. In 1 cup you can help reduce your risk of heart disease, get 4 grams of fiber, and get 25% of your daily vitamin c, all well only having 65 calories. Eat with whipped cream for a low calorie and fat dessert.

32. Red Wine. Can help reduce your waist line by increasing your calorie burn for up to 90 minutes after 1 glass. Can also help reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease. Be careful though because it also has a few calories at 125 per a 5oz glass.

Hope these food items are something you like and can help you get towards a healthier you. It won't be easy but never give up. Good luck :)


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50 Best Weight Loss Foods Of All Time

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Beauty Tips For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is an amazing and wonderful thing with some added bonuses that come along with it and also sometimes some not so amazing things that come along with it. Your hormones go a little crazy, and your body is ever changing. And some things just don't seem to bounce back like they used too. Here are some great hair, nails, and skin tips to help with some of the changes going on, and to make life a little bit easier on you so you can enjoy your pregnancy even more.

1. Help Avoid Stretch Marks. Stretch marks are your bodies reaction to your stomach growing inside of you. Some women get them without even having children and they are 100% normal. If you want to help avoid stretch marks, you can apply body oil after you shower every day. Use something more natural like coconut oil. It will help improve the elasticity of your skin for that growing bump. Focus on your hips, belly, boobs, and thighs since that is where your body will stretch the most. Keep this up even after delivery for a few months, while your body starts to return back to its post baby shape. It will also keep your skin nice and soft.

2. Fight Off Acne. Usually once you get past the teen years you no longer have to worry about getting breakouts as much. There are people who have adult acne, and any time your hormones change, you can cause get acne when you are pregnant or not. Fight acne with mild cleansers. Your hormones are going crazy, so this may cause your skin to produce more oil and cause breakouts. Wash your face with a mild cleanser twice a day. Avoid anything with harsh scrubs so it doesn't irritate your skin because skin tends to be more sensitive while you are pregnant. Finish with a light weight moisturizer that has SPF to prevent any sunburns. If you need to, use a spot treatment, like tea tree oil, to zap those stubborn pimples.

3. Remove Under Eye Circles. As you get farther along in your pregnancy, you start to retain more water, which can result in under eye circles and puffiness. This can also come from lack of sleep. To help, one way is to drink more fluids. The more water you drink, the less your body will retain so try to drink 2 liters of water a day. For a simple fix, you can use two used tea bags on your eyes for 10 minutes or two chilled slices of potatoes or cucumbers for the same amount of time. This can give you a few minutes to relax. It will also help with any puffiness around the eye area. 

4. Embrace Your Hair. Since you are taking all of these prenatal vitamins, I am sure your hair is growing like CRAZY! And I highly doubt you want to wash and blow-dry it all the time. Time to put down the blow-dryer, curling iron, and straightener, unless you have an event or something special going on, and start to rock your natural hair or put it in a trendy braid, ponytail or bun. Also, do not be afraid to color your hair. If a pregnant hairstylist can still color hair, then you can still get your hair colored. It is perfectly safe. If you are still a little unsure of the idea, ask for an ammonia free hair dye. Then you won't have to worry about the smell being as strong. And since your hair is growing so much, this would be a good time to try out a color or cut that you have been wanting. You can see if you like it, and if you don't it will start to grow out pretty quick.

5. Have Pretty Nails. Some of us are not fortunate enough to have nice, long, and strong nails all the time. Another perk to prenatal vitamins is having nice nails, that grow like weeds! Have fun and paint your nails often. If you are concerned about the polish, they do make a couple all natural nail polish lines. Get regular manicures and pedicures. It is one thing you would rather have someone do for you, then try to do yourself, especially when as you are getting closer to your due date. Avoid getting any acrylic or gel nails. The fumes are very strong and not good for you. They can also make you sick, so avoid going to places that do them as well just to be on the safe side.

6. Pale Skin. Some pregnant women tend to feel like they lose the color in there face, or a have a more pale complexion. To give your skin a little boost, use a cc cream. CC cream stands for color correcting cream. You can apply it to your skin, and it will add evenness to your skin tone,  cover any imperfections, and give it a brighter, glowing appearance. You can add a bit of blush or bronzer to give that little extra color you might be missing in some areas as well.

Try out these tips and hopefully they help to make your pregnancy changes easier. Congrats on becoming a mom, and enjoy this time in your life. 


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Which Massage Is Right For You.

A good massage has more benefits then relieving stress, working out tired muscles, and helping the body relax, it also can improve the overall health of your body. All great massages increase blood flow and lymph circulation. Lymph is a fluid that helps to rid your body of toxins and waste. A massage is great for people of all ages. They can help to heal sports related injuries like sprains, or pulled muscles, help with headaches or migraines, promote healthy skin, improve your immune system, good for people with arthritis and even help enhance your metabolism. Massages also help improve sleeping habits, increase energy, reduce anxiety, as well as increase strength and flexibility. Here are some of the most common types of massages and the benefits of each one to help you decide which massage sounds the most helpful to you. 

1. Swedish Massage. A Swedish massage is the most common type of massage. It is offered just about every where and is a good massage to get if you have never had one before. The massage consists of long, smooth strokes, kneading, and circular movements on layers of the muscle. The Swedish massage will improve circulation and relieve muscle tension. It also helps clear waste and lactic acid which helps to reduce pain and stiffness in joints and muscles. The Swedish massage is a full body massage that starts on the back, working on the shoulders, arms, and legs, then flips you over to work on the front side of your legs, arms, and neck. It can be any where from 60 to 120 minutes. This is a great massage if you a looking to relax and if you have never had a massage before and are looking to try one.

2. Aromatherapy Massage. Aromatherapy massage combines the massage with essential oils for relieve of stress, headaches, pms, back pain, and some digestive disorders. The essential oils are used in the room to help relax the mind, and in the lotion or oil to relaxing the muscles, and joints. Different scents will be used to fit the specific needs of the client. The scents will be used to calm the body, uplift you, energize you, cleanse your body, and as decongestant. This massage is 60 to 90 minutes long. It is a great massage if you are in stressful environments or your prone to allergies or sinus headaches.

3. Hot Stone Massage. The hot stone massage is one of the most popular forms of massage. It is used to relieve muscle tension in specific areas of the body. The stones are immersed in water and heated. The client is first massaged with oil, so the stones smoothly glide across the skin. The client is them massaged over the arms, legs, and back with the use of hot stones. The heat from the stones helps improve circulation, while calming the nervous system. The heat will go deep into the muscles, to help relieve any tension and soreness. To relieve any excess tension or stress, the therapist will then massage without the use of stones, that way they can work deeper into a certain area. A typical hot stone massage is between 60 and 90 minutes. This is a great massage if you are physically active, or you have a lot of back pain.

4.Oncology Massage. An Oncology massage is a highly individualized massage treatment designed to comfort, nurture and support someone living with cancer. The massage can greatly help relieve some of the side effects related to the treatment phase. Nausea, pain, depression, fatigue, and anxiety can be lessened with regular massage. The Eastern massage incorporates warm stones, ayurvedic oils, marma points and specialized music to help support the organ systems affected by chemo and radiation. These massages are usually 45 minutes long, and are done by an oncology trained therapist. It is great for someone that has cancer or is newly in remission from cancer.

5. Deep Tissue Massage. The deep tissue massage focuses on slower and deeper movements in areas of pain. Deep tissue massage breaks down rigid tissue in muscles to relieve pain and restore movement. A deep tissue massage may cause some pain for people, because it works from deep inside the muscle outwards. Be sure to tell the therapist if you experience any pain. The massage will release toxins into your body, so drink plenty of water to flush any out. This massage is recommended for people who are in constant pain, have had a previous injury or that are athletes. It is too much for the average person. This massage is usually 30 to 90 minutes long. 

6. Pregnancy Massage. Pregnancy massage is not like other massages. It is designed specifically for pregnant women with the health and safety of them and there unborn child in mind. It is unsafe for a pregnant women to lay on there stomach, so they are propped up comfortably on there side with pillows and blankets. You can not use any deep tissue work, and you have to avoid certain areas of the body such as the stomach, . The massage can reduce stress, swelling of the body, and pain in your muscles that otherwise would not be relieved. The massage is concentrated mostly on the arms, neck shoulders, back, legs, and feet.The feet are the most important part because they are caring the majority of the bodies weight and stress. The massage is found very comforting by most pregnant women, and the touch from the massage itself can help reduce anxiety. Avoid the massage if you are in your first trimester of pregnancy. The massage lasts from 30 to 90 minutes.  

7. Reiki Massage. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit. In this form of energy healing, hands are placed just off the body or lightly touching the boy, as in "lying on of hands." Disrobing is not required. Reiki massage uses life's energy force to tell if your energy force is high or low in your body. If it is low, you are more likely to get sick and feel stress. If it is high, you are more capable of being happy and healthy. This massage does not involve actual massaging. It is used to reduce stress, and promote relaxation and healing. This takes usually 30 to 45 minutes.

8. Reflexology. In reflexology, you apply pressure points that correspond to organs in your body. The tips of your toes and the ball of your foot correspond with your heart, the arch of your foot are with the liver, pancreas, and kidneys, while the heel  is with the lower back and intestines. The whole massage is a combination of stretching, pressure points, and a Swedish massage that helps balance the nervous system, help reduce pain and stress, promotes relaxation and encourages overall healing. A reflexology massage is usually 15-30 minutes, and is considered an add on service. If you go to a good spa, the pedicures massage is normally a shorter version of a reflexology. This is a great massage for relaxation, and if you are on your feet a lot at work.

9. Sports Massage. A sports massage is for anyone that is physically active. The goal is to help prevent injuries as well as treating injuries and enhancing the performance of muscles. The massage is a combination of a Swedish massage, and lots of stretching techniques. This will help loosen muscles and increase overall flexibility by focusing on areas that are overused and stressed. A sport's massage doesn't have to be just for athletes, it is great for people who have a specific injury or problem that they want the therapist to focus on. This massage can be anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes. 

10. Lymphatic Massage. Lymphatic massage is a form of very light massage that encourages lymph flow to the body. It is particularly good for detoxification, edema, pre and post op plastic surgery, pre and post op any other form of surgery, and post liposuction. Lymphatic massage consists of circular pumping movements, producing a soothing and relaxing effect. The massage can help your bodies overall health, and help its ability to heal. The massage is normally 60 minutes long. 

11. Back Massage. A back massage focuses on relieving back pain. The massage can be deeper or lighter depending on your pain tolerance. It may also include a neck and shoulder massage. The back massage focuses on relieving pain and tension from everyday life. A back massage will increase the overall circulation, helps with healing, can help improve sleep, relieve stiffness, improve flexibility, and relax the body and mind.  A neck and shoulder massage helps relieve tension and help reduce migraine pain. This massage is normally 30 to 45 minutes long.

These are some of the most popular types of massages. They are not all offered everywhere, and are done by trained professionals only. To improve your overall health and well being, you should get a massage at least once a month, more if you can afford it. You will notice a lot less pain in your body, a better ability to focus, and hopefully less stress. Treat your body and mind by booking a massage today.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How To Make Your Make-up Last During The Summer Heat

Nobody wants to be half way through there day and trying to reapply their make-up at the beach. You also don't want the sweat lines from your foundation running down your face. Here are some great ways to keep your make-up looking great through the hot summer days.

1. Use A Primer. Primer's will make your make-up go on smoother, moisturize your skin and last much longer then your make-up would without it. They also have an SPF in them as well. But be sure to reapply sunscreen if you are going to be in the sun all day.

2. Avoid Heavy Foundations. Most liquid and cream foundations contain oil in them which will sweat off in the sun giving you a streaky look. Try using a powder instead. If you would rather have something with more coverage, use a cc cream. They moisturize your skin, contain an SPF and provide great coverage. The coverage is so good because it soaks into the skin, so it doesn't sit on top of it and it works for all skin types.

3. Use A Brush And Nix The Sponge. Sponges apply make-up much heavier then a brush will. When using a powder you want a light hand to apply an even coat. Using a brush will give you a lighter, more natural finish.

4. Make Your Eye Liner Last. For the summer, liquid liner is too much, and crayon liners will melt off. To have great eyeliner, apply with a pencil liner 1st then top with an eye shadow of the same color. It will make the liner pop and stay on longer. Make sure to use an eye shadow primer 1st.

5. Stick With 1 Shadow Color. If you are going to an event or something special, then play up the eyes with one of your normal looks. But for an every day summer look, keep it simple. Stick to one color on your lids. 

6. Avoid Dark Lips. Dark lipstick is gorgeous, but harder to touch-up. While you can help seal it in with a powder or by lining your lips 1st with a lip liner, it's just best to switch to a lighter color. They are easier to fix and you can wear them all day a lot easier.

7. No Lip Gloss. Did you know that lip gloss attracts sunlight, which can lead to sun burnt lips? Well, it can! Ouch! If you are looking still to have a hint of color, try a tinted lip balm instead. You can apply one that has SPF so you won't have burnt lips.

Summer days are some of the best days. All the fun and memories you make, shouldn't be with half smeared make-up on your face. For all of those who love to go bare faced, more power to you. For those of us that prefer a little something, hope these tips help!


Tips From: Reader's Digest
Article: Summer Make-up Tricks: 9 Ways To Make Your Make-up Last In The Heat