Friday, October 25, 2013

Get the Best Highlights Possible

Getting highlights is a great way to add more tones to your hair, and give your hair a lighter look without being to drastic. Highlights can be done thick or thin, very noticeable or more natural looking, or in the ombre look. Getting the best highlights by a stylist can be determined by your haircut, color and the look you want to achieve. Here are some great ways to makes sure you are going to get the best look possible.

The Highlight

Highlights come in a variety of shades. You can highlight your hair by making it any color lighter then your existing color. You can make them dramatic by going very light against your dark color, or more natural by only going a few shades lighter then your existing color. When you are going to get your hair highlighted it is important to remember what look you want and what type of haircut you have. When you have shorter hair, highlights look more noticeable then when you have longer hair. If you have bangs, keep the highlights thinner. It will make your bangs look thicker. If you have a blunt haircut (where the hair is all one length and symmetrical) your highlights need to be symmetrical as well. It is easily noticed if they are not.

Why you shouldn't do them at home.

Just because the commercials say it is easy to do and you just paint the highlights on it really is not that simple. You need to know the proper color and developer to use to get the color you are looking for. Just because the box says your highlights will be blonde, it doesn't necessarily mean it will work that way. And you can not see your whole head, so you can't see where all the highlights are being placed. Instead of doing it yourself, and it not turning out exactly how you were expecting, it is best to leave it to the professionals.

Getting Your Highlights

Do not shampoo your hair on the day of, the natural oils of your hair help it from becoming as damaged. The colorist will help you decide what shade you should go with, but don't try to use colorist terminology. It is best to compare what your looking for to a food or have a picture so the colorist knows exactly what you are looking to achieve. It also makes it easier for them to tell you what there going to do and how you are going to achieve this look so that way you know what is going on. After the highlighting process is done, you should always get a deep conditioning treatment to help repair the damage that was done to your hair. Also, for the best looking color ask the colorist for a gloss treatment. It is usually about $20 extra (depending on the salon) and really adds a great shine to your and makes your new hair look even better.

At Home Care

Now that you have a new hair color, it is time for a new routine. Do not shampoo your hair everyday. It can cause the color to fade quicker, and it removes the natural oils in your hair that help keep your hair healthy. Also use a color protecting shampoo. It helps reduce fading and keeps the color bright. Use a heat protecting spray. Anytime you are going to blow-dry, straighten, or curl your hair this is a must. It protects the hair from the high heats, and keeps it looking shiny. Do a deep conditioning treatment once a week to help repair any damaged ends. You just put it on your hair for 5-10 minutes once a week and rinse.

Getting highlights is just like getting your hair colored or cut. You need to get it done every 4-6 weeks to keep the look the best it possibly can be. Change up your look, by getting your hair highlighted today.


Friday, October 4, 2013

Mascara Mistakes & Eyelash Tinting

The majority of women wear mascara on a daily basis, and always wonder why sometimes they can't seem to get it right. There are some things you might not know about mascara and it can be causing problems. Here are some tips to get better looking lashes with and without mascara.

Mistake 1: To many coats. Mascara is only made to do 2 coats at most. If you apply more coats, the mascara will dry as you applying it and will cause your lashes to stick together. To keep  this from happening make sure you buy a new tube of mascara every three months. If mascara gets to old it may not apply as nicely as it used to, so you will feel like you need more coats. Be sure to not apply mascara over mascara from the previous day as well. It will cause clumping.

Mistake 2: Pumping the wand. When you go to apply mascara, you have been known to pump the wand a few times if you are getting low. Do not pump the wand! It causes air bubbles in the mascara, which causes it to clump. Instead, twist the wand in the tube as you pull it out, and wipe the excess mascara off at the top as it comes out. It will prevent excess mascara from getting on your lashes.

Mistake 3: Keeping mascara too long. Mascara does not necessarily have an expiration date, but you should change your mascara about every three months. Mascara harbors germs and bacteria that can cause itching of the eyes, redness and even pink eye. If you can't remember how long you have had the mascara for, its safer to just throw it away and buy a new one.

Mistake 4: Improper application. Applying mascara properly is the key to great looking eyes and make-up. You can have the best eye shadow and it can be ruined by having bad mascara. Be sure when applying that you go all the way to the root. Start at the root and wiggle the wand back and forth, then bring it up in a smooth motion to the ends of your lashes. It will make your lashes appear longer, and your eyes brighter.

A great way to avoid all of these problems and have great looking lashes at all time is by getting your eyelashes tinted. It is a $35 service that gives you dark, longer looking lashes for 4-6 weeks. Eyelash tint is an all natural vegetable dye that is applied to the upper and lower lashes starting at the root and going to the ends. It is left on for 10 minutes, the excess is removed. You will no longer have to take the time to remove or apply mascara.