Thursday, March 20, 2014

How To Properly Remove Your Make-up

Removing your make-up at the end of everyday is necessary to keep your skin from getting clogged pores, acne, and dirt built up on your face. Using just soap and water is not going to cut it. Soap is too harsh for your face. It can cause dryness and irritation to your skin. The skin on your face is more sensitive then the skin on the rest of your body to products. Follow these tips and combined with the right products you will have make-up easily removed along with fresh, clean skin.

Removing Eye Make-up
Removing eye make-up is one of the easier processes. If your make-up is not water proof, then use a mild eye make-up remover on a damp cotton round. Gently press the pads on each eye for 10 seconds before wiping. Do not rub your eyes. Rubbing causes redness and irritation. Gently wipe your eyes, starting from the inside corner and gently wiping across the eye. Run cotton rounds under warm water, squeeze out excess water and repeat until all make-up has been removed. 
For heavy or water proof make-up use an oil based eye make-up remover. Hold on your eyes for 15-20 seconds and begin removing, but do not scrub. The oil will loosen up and help cut threw the make-up without damaging the skin.
After removing the make-up, add a little bit of remover and water to a q-tip. This will allow you to remove the remaining make-up residue from the lash line. Gently wipe the top lash line from the inner corner out and then repeat on the bottom lash line. You can also wipe it up your lashes like mascara. 

Lips & Face
Removing make-up from your lips and face is done just how you would wash your face everyday. Start by damping your face with water. Add a quarter to half dollar sized amount of cleanser to your hand and rub together. Make sure it lathers really well, if it doesn't just add a bit more water. Cleanse your face with your hands In circular motions starting at your forehead and working your way down. Be sure to get your nose and lips. Cleanse your face like this for 5 minutes then rinse. Repeat the cleansing process for a 2nd time. Be sure to use warm water because it allows the cleanser to get deep into the pores to remove the dirt and oils. Rinse. Towel dry your face. If there is no excess make-up then spray 2-3 sprays of a toner made for your skin type into your hands and pat onto your face. Apply a pea sized amount of moisturizer on your hands, rub together and pat onto your face. Your cleansing is now complete.

If you are not sure about which products you should use or what skin type you are, seek help from a professional. You should get monthly facials, to help remove excess dirt, and to remove the dead skin. The esthetician will direct you as to which type of facial best suits your skin. So remember to wash your face every morning and night, as well as to get monthly facials.