Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2014 Summer Trends

Hair, nail, and make-up trends change as quickly as the seasons do. Summer will soon be here and you should prepare yourself with the hot trends for this year. 

This summer it is all about the grown out highlights. The grown out highlights is basically the ombre look, but more of a softer transition from dark to light, or light to lighter. To get the best look possible, be sure to have your stylist cut your hair to something that flatters the look. Get a deep conditioning treatment a few days or a week prior to the coloring. This will help protect your hair before the coloring process. Also get a treatment after the coloring process, to help repair any damage done to your hair. It is the summer, so rock your natural waves!

This summer on your toes it is all about the bright, glossy reds. Not red-orange or red-blues, I am talking RED! Pick like a cherry red, with a shiny top coat. It is a classic look, but be sure to fix any chips quickly because they really stand out on red nails. And avoid any glitter. It takes away from the classic look. For your hands, it is more of a simple natural look. No need for long fake nails, natural nails are best for the summer. Use a lighter, transparent color and apply thin even coats, allowing drying time between the coats. Nobody wants ridged or streaky polish. 

Change up your look this summer, and add a bold pop of color by using eyeliner. Pick a bold eyeliner color and apply. To make it stay longer, apply a thin line of the same color in eye shadow on top of it. This is a fun way to change up your everyday look, and keep it fun. Be sure to apply mascara on your lashes, other wise your make-up will look unfinished. 

This summer skip the boring old skin color lipsticks and reds for a bright orange. Before applying, use a heavy lip balm so the color really stays on the lips, and doesn't rub off. Pick your shade and apply. The orange will brighten any skin tone! Because you are going so bold on your lips, keep the rest simple. You’re already making a statement, no need to over do it. 

Keep these trends in mind for when ever you are going to a party, event or even hanging out on the beach. You will have people wanting your look and dying to know where you get your hair, and nails done, as well as what make-up you are using. Be yourself and have fun.