Friday, May 15, 2015

Keeping Your Skin Healthy

Using the right products for your skin is extremely important. What may work for someone else, may not work for you. The different skin types are sensitive, oily, dry and combination. We will go through what each skin type means, what you need to focus on, and what types of products you should look for to use.

Sensitive Skin
You can tell you have sensitive skin by if you have burning, flaking, or redness after using any type of products. When using products look for sensitive skin on its labels, and look for organic/all natural products to help minimize the chance of reaction. Everyday you should use sunscreen, because redness is caused by inflammation which can be increased if you are not using sunscreen. Use a calming moisturizer that has ingredients like oats, vitamin e, or cucumbers that well help to sooth the skin. Avoid peels or harsh exfoliants. They will continue to irritate your skin and end up doing more bad then good. Stick to cooler products that come from a fridge to reduce irritation and calm the skin quicker. Use a natural oil like olive oil or coconut oil on your skin if it becomes dry.

Oily Skin
The amount of oil that your skin has has nothing to do with the amount of moisturizer you use. It is from the amount of sebum your skin produces. So when you use products made for other skin types, at can cause your skin to produce more oil then it currently is. Be sure to still use moisturizer, but look for one that is water based so it hydrates your skin without adding excess oil. You can use stronger products that contain retinol and hydroquinone because oily skin tends to be thicker and has less irritation. Avoid picking at pimples. It causes dark spots and scars that may not be visible while you are younger but can become more prominent as you age.

Dry Skin
Dry skin usually has a dry, rough and sometimes flaky texture to it. This can be from too much tanning, the wrong products, or not drinking enough water. You should drink 80 oz or more water each day. Your cleanser should be one that is hydrating and has moisturizing ingredients in it like ceramides or hyaluronic acid. Dry skin means that the enzymes that help remove dead skin cells have slowed down that has caused a build-up on your skin. Use a gentle peel or exfoliate once a week. Avoid harsh scrubs like salt scrubs. It can dry your skin our more, so try a sugar scrub instead. Layer products on your skin, like a face serum then top it off with a moisturizer to get more bang out of your prod

Combination Skin
This means you have spots of your skin that are dry and some spots that are oily. You have to treat the oily zones different then the dry zones. Use an salicylic acid toner on the oily spots to help minimize and unclog pores. If you don't have large pores, then use a essence lotion to help balance out both oily and dry skin. Apply a moisturizer on top. Use a mask once a week. Look for one that has glycolic or lactic acid formulas. Make sure to leave it on your face for 10 minutess or less so it doesn't irritate your skin. Clay masks usually work the best.


Try out these tips to help control the skin you have and make it look better then ever. 


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Look Goregous In Minimal Time

Are you one of those girls that are always over sleeping and never having enough time to get ready in the morning? This is going to be the perfect blog post for you. Here are some ways to look completely put together in much less time.

1. Five Minute Morning Routine
The five things you need to make your face ready for the day are concealer, foundation, lip gloss or stain, brow filler and mascara. Use the concealer to hid dark, under eye circles and breakouts. Apply foundation to your entire face for an even skin tone. Lip gloss for some added color to your look. Brow filler so your brows look perfect even if they haven't been waxed in a while. And lastly add mascara so your eyes look bright and awake.

2. The Quick Wash
Have bangs that look dirty but no time to wash your hair? Pull your hair in a ponytail and just wash your bangs real quick in the sink. Dry and style as usual. For the rest of the hair, you can rock it in a ponytail or add some dry shampoo to the roots and brush it through.

3. Style The Night Before
Looking for beachy waves? The night before add a texturizing cream into your hair then braid into to braids.  In the morning undo the braids for a messy wave.

4. Use 2 in 1 Products
To line your lashes and fill your brows use a brow liner to double as both. You can also use a light pink lipstick as a blush.

5. Moisturize While You Sleep
Why not do two things at once? Put a hydrating mask on before you go to bed, and sleep in it over night. In the morning rinse and wash your face as usual in the morning. Your skin absorbs things better while you sleep, so your face will feel extra hydrated in the morning.

6. Multi-Task
Find ways to do two things at once. It doesn't matter what your doing, just find away to do more then one thing at a time.

7. Red Lips
Nothing says put together more then red lips. Just apply a quick swipe of your favorite lipstick and you are good to go.

8. Relieve Dry Feet
This is one thing I always tell my clients to do. If you have dry, cracking feet, apply Vaseline on them and sleep in socks. Continue this every night during the colder months to keep your feet soft and smooth.

9. Organization
If you have a hard time finding beauty products when you need them, try organizing them. Create little baskets or drawers to store each product you need. Use a shelf in the bathroom for all your hair products, and a drawer for all your clips, bobby pins and hair ties.

10. Night Time Showers
Try to shower the night before. If you aren't planning on washing your hair, then save time and shower the night before. It will shave a good 5-10 minutess off your morning routine.

11. Change-up Your Ponytail
Put your hair in a high pony-tail and instead of letting everyone see your hair tie, apply hair wax on to a small section of hair and wrap it around the ponytail. Secure it with a few bobby pins.

12. Use a BB Cream
A BB cream is great for adding some color to your skin like a foundation, and adding sunscreen in one step. Apply it like you would a foundation to your entire face and make sure there are no streaks. It helps moisturize your face and fill in any fine lines.

13. Dry Shampoo
Invest the money in a new best friend, dry shampoo. It is perfect for those late days when you don't have time to wash your hair. Spray 10-12 inches from head and then brush through the rest of your hair. 

14. Air Dry
If you really need to wash your hair and don't have time to style it, apply some leave-in hair products at let it air dry. To create lose waves, add a texturizer into your hair and wrap into a bun. Let dry for a few hours and let it down for gorgeous waves.

15.  Neutrals
If you are low on time to do your make-up stick with more neutral tones. Apply foundation, a light pink blush, mascara, a light lip gloss for shine and brown or gold shadows. It will all blend together so nobody will know if its not perfect.

Try these great tips to help reduce the time of your morning routine, or make the most of it if you are not one who gives yourself much time to get ready.