Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hot Trends For Spring of 2015

Every year a new phase of whats in and whats out comes out. Sometimes new favorites come in and some trends transfer over from last year. Here is whats hot in hair, nail and make-up trends for this spring.

Braids have been a hot trend for the past year. Change up the type is whats in for spring. The classic french braid is back, along with different braids like the fishtail or five strand braid. Braids have been all over the runway this season, so if you ever need some inspiration check it out!

Negative Space Nail Art
Negative space nail art was a trend that started back in the fall of 2014, and has now went huge in 2015. It is a nail design that covers part of the nail and leaves the rest open. You can use nail tape to design which part you want bare and which part you want painted. This can be done using any regular type of nail polish and any color so go crazy! 

Red Lips

Forget all the rave about wine and fuchsia colored lips. This season its all about the reds! Especially this hot new red-orange color. Normally its all about the eyes, but this is the season for lips! And brightly colored ones. So if you are looking to try out a hot new lip color, this is it.

Top Knots (Undone)
Top Knots have been the in hair style since the summer of 2014. This spring, its still top knots, but its more of a messy, undone top knot. So if you have some fly aways or your top knot isn't perfect, then its perfectly okay. The undone top knot, has been the go to hairstyle on all the biggest fashion shows, so why can't it be the go to hairstyle for you?

Nude Mani
The shiny, matte, clean nail look is what we are talking about for nude nails. You can go for a buffed nail, a shiny or matte top coat, or a light shade of pink or beige to complete your nail look. Its perfect because it matches any outfit, or occasion. Its also perfect for the women who is always on the go and doesn't like it when her nails chip.

Low Pony
Is great to have a simple look that works for multiple occasions and that is easy to achieve. That is what you have with the low ponytail. It works for a business, casual, day or night look. The low pony is a nice change up from the high pony that was in last year. If your a quick on the go girl, then this is the hairstyle for you.

Fresh Faced
The hot make-up look for the season is the fresh faced look. The fresh faced look is the perfect combination of moisturizer and foundation that gives your skin a flawless look. You can add a finishing powder to give that extra finished look and to seal everything in. Keep it simple with a light coat of mascara and a glossy lip balm to complete your look.


These are some of the hot runway trends for spring of 2015 that can be perfect for everyday life. Try out one of these trends today!