Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Brilliant Beauty Hacks

Everyone women wants to look great and feel great but doesn't necessarily want to take the time to do so. Here are some of the in trend looks currently and how to make them easier for every day looks.

1. The Nude Lip
Finding the perfect nude lipstick is nearly impossible. You can achieve this look one of two ways. For a shine first apply a foundation to your lips patting it so it fully covers the lips and then apply a lip balm on top for a slightly glossy look. For a more matte look, use a nude color lip liner to outline and fill in your lips. Then apply a bit of concealer on top for the perfect matte finish.

2. Lasting Lipstick
To make your lipstick last, first fill in your lips with a nude color lip or eye liner. Apply a layer of loose powder to fill in any ridges or cracks on your lips. Next apply your desired lip color and finish with the matching lip liner to define your lips, as well as apply over the lipstick. 

3. Highlighters
Every have the problem when you are trying to apply a highlighter and it becomes too shiny? Mix it with an eye cream. This will tone down the shine and allow it to be applied with ease and more skin like.

4. Lipstick Smudging
Does your matte lipstick smudge? Try to use a matte lip balm or a lip primer on your lips before applying your favorite lipstick. This will allow it to adhere better to your lips. 

5. Create Your Own Color
Thinking your nail color is just not quite right? To make the color darker, apply a darker shade as the 1st coat and then layer the desired color on top. So if its a red you want to darken, add a darker red or a brown underneath. If you want to lighten it, add a white or pale pink underneath. 

6. Use White
To make your face appear thinner, when you contour use white. Apply it to the high points on your face, such as eyes, cheekbones and chin, so it gives a slimming effect to your face.

7. Glitter Polish Removal
Have the hardest time removing glitter nail polish? Use pure acetone and a cotton pad. Cotton balls will just shred against the glitter. Apply acetone to the pad, and set on your nail for 10 seconds. Then begin the removal. You will notice how much easier it comes off. Apply cuticle oil after to your nails.

8. Bad Nails
To give the appearance of nice nails, use a white ridge filling base coat. It will help hid the imperfections of the nails and allow the polish to glide on smoothly if it usually doesn't.

Try out some of these great make-up and nail hacks next time you go out. I am sure they will make you have great, long-lasting results!


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Break Nails

Anytime you go on vacation, especially to some place warm that has a beach, you want to have great looking nails. The problem is the chip easily. If your not a fan of shellac or gel, follow these tips and check out these great colors as well.

What Color To Chose

Magenta. While many people associate magenta with barbie pink, it doesn't have to be that pink. Try one that has darker under tones like purple in it if you have olive or dark skn tone so it is more of a purple-pink. For fairer skin, go towards a brighter pink.

Papaya. Basically a bright orange with a hit of pink. The darker your skin tone, the brighter it should be. This a great color to make your skin look tanner.

Indigo. This is an updated verison of the navy blue nail trend that was in last year. This dark blue with a hit of purple goes great for everyday life and life on the beach. 

Seafoam green.
Seafoam green is basically a mint green that is a bit more pale in some cases. It is light enough so it goes with just about anything and can really make greens and blues pop.

Bright Lemon.
Yellow nail polish is not a color that will be for everyone. It works best for darker skin tones like olive, because other wise it will make your skin look more yellow, and bring out those under tones.

How to Keep Your Nails Looking Great

Keep your hands off. 
Anytime your hair is wet, avoid running your fingers threw your hair. The polish becomes softer when it is wet, so it can catch on things a lot easier. Have you ever noticed that your polish chipped while washing your hair? Be careful while washing your hair and use the pads of your fingers instead of the tips, and when you get out of any type of water, use a leave in conditioner then brush your hair with a soft bristle brush or a wide tooth comb. 

Avoid alcohol on your hands.
Any kind of alcohol from drinks to perfume to hand sanitizer should be avoided on by your nails if you want to keep them nice and shiny. The alcohol will dull the color.

Be careful with your suitcase.
Watch yourself as you unzip your suit case. Your nails can easily get caught on the teeth of the suit case or on a string and snag. You can always ask someone else to unzip it for you.

Avoid sunscreen on your polish. 
The chemicals in sunscreen dull our polish. Be sure to wipe them off after you have applied your sunscreen all over. You can use a beach towel or even any alcohol free wipes. 

Your nails seem duller after a day at the beach? Apply oil or a top coat to bring back the shine.

What To Pack

Cuticle oil. Apply every day after being in the sun, sand and just every day wear.

Topcoat. In case you start to lose the shine from sunscreen, or chlorine.

Travel kit. Include a nail file, nail clippers in case you break a nail. Don't use the crappy orange files, opt for a good one.

Nail polish remover wipes. For easy polish removal if you chip them beyond repair. 

Nail polish. For touch-ups of if you just feel like changing up the color.

Alcohol free wipes. To wipe up your polish so it doesn't yellow or dull.

I hope you enjoyed this great tips to have your nails looking great for Spring Break or any other vacation this year.