Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beauty Tips And Tricks

Everyone has had a moment where they are trying to get ready and something has broken or become messed up. Getting ready is never an easy task and somethings never seem to work out the way you wanted. Well here are some beauty fixes for you to try when things do not work out the way they are supposed to.

1. Fading Lipstick.
Everyone has had that problem. You are half way threw the night and your lipstick has become dull and faded. After you have applied your lipstick, put a kleenex over your lips and dust a translucent powder over them. It will keep the color nice and bright all night long. To add a little shine, add your favorite lip gloss on top.

2. Thin Lashes.
Want the look of fuller, longer looking lashes with out applying fake lashes? Try this tip. Apply your first coat of mascara then take a q-tip, dip it in baby powder and run it across your lashes (focusing on the tips.) Then apply another coat on top. The end result is longer, fuller looking lashes.

3. Thin Lips.
Want fuller looking lips? Before applying lipstick or lip gloss, apply a pale shade of eyeshadow to the middle of your lips. It will create the illusion of fuller lips.

4. Dry Heels/Feet.
At the end of the day, soak your feet in warm water for about 10-15 mins. Remove and dry. Apply vaseline and socks on to your feet. The warmth will allow your feet to absorb the moisture and help to reduce the dryness. This is the best for the cold, dry winter months.

5. Eyebrows.
In need of an eyebrow trimming? Fake it for a night out. Apply lip balm on your finger and run it across your eyebrows to keep them in place. Follow with an eyebrow brush to keep them from becoming clumped together.

6.Broken Eyeshadow.
If your powder eyeshadow or blush has broke add some rubbing alcohol into it. Mix it together so it forms a paste, pat down and let it dry over night. It will make your powder good as new! 

7. Eyeshadow Smudging.
To keep your eye shadow lasting all day, be sure to use an eyeshadow primer. Applying a primer will keep your shadow from rubbing off. If you do not have a primer, use unscented lip balm.

8. Under Eye Tones.
Have circles under your eyes that won't go away? Use a concealer with an orange tone to it. Orange cancels out blue tones and will cover up the under eye circles. Finish with a powder that matches your skin tone.

These are some great tips to help make your every day beauty routine easier and help fix some problems you may see along the way. Have a beautiful day and enjoy these last few days of summer vacation.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

1 More Weeks Worth of Beauty Trends

Celebrities are who most people consider there style icons. For clothes, hair, make-up and accessories we love the way they look on a daily basis. Here are a weeks worth of trends that you will see a lot of celebrities rocking! 

1. My Little Pony Hair.

Some people change their hair as often as they change their clothes. Pastel colors are really in for your hair. From pink to green, purple to blue, any pastel color can be the one for you.Be careful though because changing your hair color frequently can be damaging to your hair. Be sure to get it done by a professional and listen to what they tell you. 


2. Natural Texture.
Natural textured hair is great for the summer. It allows your hair to be free of heat. Wash your hair as you normally would, and put in a few leave in products, then let your hair dry naturally. This is great if you are at the beach or pool all day, or just hanging around your house. 

3. Braided Bun.
Buns are not just for ballerina's, they can be used in an everyday look. They are even becoming popular for dances, and weddings. You can do a braid into a bun, or a braid then wrap it into a bun. Either way they are quick, easy, and make for a great hairstyle.

4. Electric Eyeliner.
Fun, playful, bold. These are all words that describe electric eyeliner. Electric eyeliner is any color that is bright, colorful and stands out from normal everyday eyeliner. If you are wearing electric eyeliner, then just apply a coat of your favorite mascara, and your eyes are all set. Let the liner speak for itself. 

5. Sleek Hair and Cherry Lips.
Sleek hair is a sophisticated, and classy look that is amped up when paired with cherry lips. If you are going to a nice dinner, black tie event, or even a wedding, this look will always be in style. Top it off with your favorite little black dress, and you are sure to be a hit.

6. Completely Matching.
Matching is always a good thing, especially when it comes to an event or and outfit. You can match by going with the same theme, or color. When putting together your next outfit, try matching your nails to it. You will set yourself apart from other people, and it looks like you took time to plan your whole look out. 

7. Bronze cheeks and lips. 
Everyone loves there summer tan and glow. Amp it up by adding a bit of bronzer on your cheeks, and a touch of a bronze colored lipstick on your lips. It will really enhance your color, and give your skin a nice glow. 

Try out these trends and experience all of the great things summer has to offer. There are only a few more weeks left to enjoy the summer.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

1 Weeks Worth of Beauty Trends

Summer is coming to an end. Now is the time to finish out your summer with a bang, and looking great while doing it. Here are some trends for the 1st week of August.

1. Berry Stained Lips. 
Adding color to your lips can make them look plumper and fuller. Berry is a pretty color that can be lighter or darker, which ever you choose. Think of the color your lips turn after eating blackberries and the thats the color lipstick or lip gloss to go with. Pair this with more neutral colors for your eyes and cheeks, so that way your lips stand out.

2. Hairline Braids.
A hairline braid is a great way to add a little something to a straight hairstyle or a natural wave. You can do one across your bangs like a rope braid, or going towards the back of your head like cornrows. Either way, this is a playful style that can be dressed up or down, and is great to wear from the beach to the city.

3. A Hint of Silver Sparkle.
Adding a little bit of shimmer to your lids is great, and can be played up or down for a daytime or night time look. For day time, use a lighter gray with a silver sparkle and a thin line of blue or dark gray eyeliner to really make your eyes pop. For night, use gray and black for a smokey eye.

4. Top Knots.
Top knots are a great way to easily style your hair, and look cute too. They are cute, messy, and great for a morning that you are running late to work or school. If you also didn't wash your hair, it can hide that. Also if you put a fun peekaboo in your hair, this will show it off even though your hair isn't down.

5. False Lashes.
Amp up your eyes and make your lashes look like they go on for days by adding on a pair of fake lashes. Use a band lash on each eye and follow up with your favorite mascara. They will make your lashes look longer and fuller. be sure to remove them before going to bed.

6. Gold Polish.
Gold nail polish looks great in the sun, and really will enhance any tan. Don't go for a dark gold polish, choose a light more of a rose gold. It may seem a little light, but really shines in the sun. It also will go with almost any outfit. 

7. Contrasting Lips & Lids.
This trend is a way to play with your make-up. You can do contrasting colors one on your eyes and a more subtle one on your lips. They don't match, but it still looks good. Just make sure, if one is really drastic to tone the other one down. 

Try these styles out now, and maybe you will be rocking some new looks this school year. Have fun, and look out for some more looks for next week.