Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How To Create The Perfect Date Night Look.

Everyone is always nervous about what to wear, how to do there make-up, and how to wear there hair for a first date or important date. There is no need to stress about it. Here are some easy tips on how to wear your hair, your make-up, what perfume scents are best, and what you should always keep on you (in case of an emergency!)


You want to look pretty, attractive, but not overly done. Think about where you are going for the date. Most likely some place with dimer lighting, so do not over do the skin make-up. Skip bronzer and use a light foundation, bb cream or tinted moisturizer. Be sure that it matches your skin tone, you don't want to have your neck one color and face another color. Apply a light amount, enough to cover your whole face without layering it on. Next is blush. Use a cream blush for the best application and longer lasting results.Powder blush easily comes off when you wipe your face with a napkin. If you have darker skin, go for something with a red tone in it. For lighter skin, go for a light rose colored blush. It adds a pop of color to the cheeks without making your whole face look pink or red.

For your eyes keep it more simple. Do a more relaxed smokey eye. For lighter skin, use a brown liner to first define your upper lashes. For darker skin, use black or dark grey. Lightly smudge the liner before applying a grey eye shadow. Finish your eyes with your favorite mascara that really makes your lashes look fuller and longer.

For your lips, keep it natural and simple. First line your lips and fill them in with a lip liner that is the same shade or slightly darker then your natural lip color. The lip liner will act as a base to allow the lipstick to last longer and not run. *(Always use a lip liner before applying lipstick It defines the shape of your lips and keeps it from running or smearing as easily.) Follow with a glossy lipstick or gloss of the same shade. The shine will make your lips look fuller and irresistible.


The three things for great date night hair is that you want it to shine, look great and be soft. A messy look is a good look to go for. It makes you seem playful but well put together. Try a messy bun. It is quick and easy and can make your look more fun. Another great idea is do a lose braid into a ponytail, bun or just in front. You can do a rope braid, or french braid. Braids are cute and can make a look playful  but sophisticated. There is also nothing wrong with having a great blow-out. It is a very classy look.


Wearing the right perfume can set off good vibes for another date, while wearing the wrong perfume can be a complete turnoff. Do not wear anything to strong. Strong perfumes can turn guys away quickly, and they may be sensitive to certain smells. Also do not spray too much. You do not want it to cover your whole body. Add a spray behind each ear, on your wrist, (rub together) and behind your knees. It is just enough so whenever you move, he can get a bit of your scent. The spray behind each knee, allows the scent to travel up as it evaporates, keeping your perfume lasting longer. Stay away from citrus and  fruity scents. Stick to a classic scent that makes you feel sexy and confident. Wait 30 minutes before your date arrives to apply your perfume. It allows the perfume to really soak into your body. Also after you spray, wait a few minutes before getting dressed. If you spray it on your clothes, they may stain.

You should always keep a few emergency items in your purse besides the usual pain killers, tampons/pads, and your make-up for easy touch ups. You should keep a mini bottle of your perfume just in case you need an extra spritz. Blotting sheets to absorb any excess oil on your skin, it works better then powder. A mirror, or a phone case that has a built in mirror for easy touch ups. Also create a little emergency kit to take with you anywhere. Have it include deodorant, deodorant wipes, a stain remover, hair spray, nail files, gum or mints, and the rest of the stuff we have listed. It will keep you prepared for all situations.

These are some tips and things you can do to help your date go great, even if there are a few small problems along the way. We hope that you have a great first date and many more to come!