Thursday, March 24, 2016

How To Have The Ultimate Brows

Your eyebrows are the basic outline of your face and are meant to enhance your features. Having bad eyebrows can really put a damper on your self confidence and the way others perceive you. Follow these steps to get the best brows possible.  And also learn somethings that you could be doing to ruin your perfect brows.

The Perfect Brow Kit
Brow Gel- makes thin eyebrows appear thicker.
Brow Pencil- to fill in your brows. powder finishes are better.
Brow Conditioner- used to help thicken the thinner areas of your brows. (avoid applying to the whole brow. it will only make thick spots longer.)
Tweezers- to tweeze those random stray hairs.

The Right Shape For You
Just like a haircut, there are certain brow shapes that look best on certain face shapes. You want the arch of your brow to start at the outer edge of the pupil. The rest depends on the face shape.

Square Face. 
Square face means strong jawline. To distract from this, have a more bold, thick brow. Fill in your brows and let them be a bit thicker to pull the focus away from your jaw.

Round Face.
To counteract the roundness of your face, have sharp, angular brows. You want your brows to have lots of structure to them.

Long Face.
Avoid extending your brows up and avoid high arches. Instead to make your face appear shorter, make your eyebrows longer. You want your brows to extend just past the corners of your eyes. If it is thin, then use a light powder to fill in this area.

Heart Face.
Avoid heavy aches, sharp points and heavy filled in brows.  You want to keep a soft arch that hugs your brow bone. This will deter from the pointed chin.

Filling In Your Brows (The Right Way)
1. Fill In Bald Spots. Use a shade 2 shades lighter then your brow color and make short, angled strokes in the direction of the hair growth. Avoid drawing outside of your natural brow shape, it will look funny. For best results, use 2 different pencil colors one slightly lighter then your hair and one slightly darker for a more natural affect. Use lighter color from the start to the arch and the darker color from the arch to the tail.

2. Bulk Them Up. As long as you do not have thin eyebrows, you can use a tinted brow gel. Sweep in the opposite direction of hair growth, and then use whats left to sweep in the direction of the hair growth. Cover both sides makes them appear fuller.

3. Apply Powder. Use a small, brush with powder over the pencil. The powder should be in between the color of your skin and the hair color for more natural results. it will also blend the pigments.

4. Sweep. Use a brush to sweep upward and remove any excess product and soften any harsh lines.

5. Never Tweeze Gray. By tweezing gray hairs, you are just changing your brow shape and creating thin spots. See a professional and have them dye it for you. They make special dye for your lashes and brows. It is great and lasts for quite some time.

6. Fake Higher Arches. Use a highlighter or cream shadow above and below our brow that is one shade lighter then your foundation to create the illusion of a higher arch. Use your finger to blend the product until it is gone.

Brow Mistakes 

1. Keep Products Off Your Brows. Any liquid product like lotion or moisturizer can soak into the hair follicle and can cause the hair to fall out as well as prevent new hair growth. If you wouldn't put in on your scalp then avoid putting it on your brows.

2. Use The Right Mirror. Use duller lighting to tweeze your brows. It will keep things in a better perspective. Avoid magnifying mirrors. They over amplify the area which will cause you to lose perspective and over pluck.

3. Do Not Over Trim. Trimming brows should be minimal to keep them even and neatly shaped. You just need to trim the long, straggly ones. Length keeps them fuller, otherwise they can become choppy and uneven.

4. Start Your Brows Right. Look at yourself in the mirror. Where do your brows start? If they are inline with your nostrils, they are too far apart. This will actually make your eyes and nose seem wider. They should start at the bridge of your nose. It can help to slim the look of your nose, and make wide eyes look closer together.

5. Avoid Too Much Brows. Avoid over using pencils and avoid using pencils that are more than 1 shade darker than your brow color. By doing this you will enhance your eyes not distract from them and avoid the over filled in look.

6. Good Brow Pencil. Use a wax pencil to hold the hair in place. An angled pencil with a light formula will give a more natural look. Again make the shade is the right one for you.

Getting the perfect brows is not an easy thing to do especially if you are trying to do it on yourself. Skip the hasle. Brow bars are becoming extremely popular. Google brow bars in your area and go get your brows done by a professional. Use these tips for up keep and to recreate the looks at home! Have a great day and even greater brows.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tips To Getting A Better Nights Sleep

We all have those nights where you are tossing and turning all night long so it seems like you slept for maybe a total of 2 hours. This is fine if it happens every once in a while but when it starts to become a reacquiring thing, it might be time to reevaluate some things. Here are some tips on things you can do to help get a better nights sleep.

1. Get On A Schedule.
Now this doesn't mean you have to go to bed and wake up at exactly the same time every day but get close. Start by going to bed at the time you normally start to feel tired at. This will start you on a normal time to fall asleep at. When you wake up in the morning, if it is on your own terms (no sudden awakenings) then this is your body's way of saying you have had enough rest. If you wake up from your alarm clock and you still feel tried and groggy, you may want to set an earlier bed time. Also, if you tend to take naps, limit them to 20 minutes or less. It will make falling asleep easier rather than harder.

2. Controlling Light Exposure. 
You want to get as much light exposure during the day and the least amount at night. This helps to keep your days and nights separate. During the day, enjoy the natural sunlight as much as possible. Whether it is going for walks, opening curtains or just going for a drive to help make you feel more alert. During the night, limit your lighting. When its time for bed, eliminate any light you can, it makes your brain think its time to sleep then.

3. Exercise Regularly.
People who exercise regularly will have a higher metabolism and more energy throughout the day. Any amount of exercise will help, but it takes time for you to see results. It is better to exercise in the morning or afternoon because your body takes time to calm down after an exercise. It is best to exercise 3 hours or early before you plan on going to bed. 

4. Eating & Drinking Right.
Eating and drinking right before bed can keep you up at night. Avoid eating anything heavy for 2 hours before you plan on going to sleep. You should also try cutting down on caffeine, not drinking alcohol before bed, and avoid drinking too many liquids before bed. It will make you have to get up more in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Some good snacks to have before bed that will help you sleep are turkey, bananas, granola with milk or yogurt, and whole grain or low sugar cereal.

5.  Get Massages.
Massages not only relax your muscles and mind but they promote overall health for your body. By getting a massage once a month, you will relieve any stress and tension that you place onto your body which makes it harder to relax. It will help to relax and clear your head so there are less thoughts to keep you up at night. After a massage, your body will be more energized and clear so you will be able to accomplish more. You can visit us at Aphrodite Spa & Salon to start receiving massages.

Try out some of these tips to help get your sleep back to where it needs to be. It won't happen right away and you may need some extra help but it is more a shot.