Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Keeping Your Hair Healthy & Stylish In The Summer.

During the summer, your skin is not the only thing that has to be protected from damage. Your hair can easily be damaged from swimming, the sun, and from excess styling. Keeping your hair healthy is not always a top priority but it needs to be. Here are some ways to keep your hair looking, and feeling great in the summer.

Protecting From UV Exposure.
 Many people do not protect there hair when they go in the sun. The suns rays over a period of time can be just as damaging as bleaching your hair. The most common way to protect your hair is to wear a hat. If a hat is not your style, make sure to apply sunscreen to your part and hairline. Before you go in the sun, use a deep conditioning treatment, preferably one that has vitamins a, c, or e in it. They are essential to keep your hair strong and healthy. Do not use hair spray, it sits on your hair and offers no protection. Instead find and use products that soak into your hair. Do not wash your hair everyday, but when you do, if you have spent a lot of time outside use a deep conditioning hair mask to re-hydrate your hair. 

Protecting From Pools, Lakes, & Oceans.
Chlorine, and salt can damage your hair, and even remove or change the color of the hair. About 1 hour before going into the pool, you can add coconut oil into your hair. The coconut oil helps to moisturize your hair and prevent salt water and chlorine damage. Before you go into a pool or body of water, get your hair wet with tap water. The water will help keep your hair from absorbing the water. Apply a serum to your hair (especially the ends) to help protect your hair from friction.  If you can, completely avoid getting your hair wet. After swimming, rinse your hair. Wash your hair first with a clarifying shampoo, then do your usual shampoo and conditioning routine, followed by a hair mask. This will help keep your hair from drying out, and start to repair any damage. To style your hair, apply product and let your hair air dry or blow-dry loosely with a diffuser. Avoiding excess heat on your hair, to prevent damage.

Protecting Your Hair From Extreme Heat
In the summer, protecting your hair from heat can be easy, but you can't avoid things like sun and humidity. If you are going to style your hair, be sure to use proper heat protectants. After you shower and go to dry your hair, apply styling products to protect your hair from the heat, and remove any excess frizz. Do the same if you are going to straighten or curl your hair. The best thing you can do is let your hair dry naturally. Styling your hair in the summer, when the air is moist, makes it take longer to style the hair, which can result in further drying time and more damage. If you plan on styling your hair with hot tools or being outside in the sun, you should apply a deep conditioning treatment on your hair at least once a week. Allow the treatment to sit on for 15 minutes. And rinse. This will help repair any damage that has been done for that week, and to help protect from excess damage.

How To Treat Damaged Hair.
If you have already damaged hair, avoid adding heat or anything that can add more damage to it. Go into a good salon near you and get your hair cut, and a deep conditioning treatment. The haircut will help keep you from getting split ends. The stylist will let you know what treatment will be best for your hair, and how often you should get a treatment. You should get a hair treatment every time you get your hair colored, or every time you get a haircut. Some people need it more frequently then that. After that you should keep up with getting a haircut every 4 weeks. And doing at home treatments 2-3 times a week. 

Summer Hair Styles.
The style's that are in for the summer are braids, natural hair, ponytails, messy buns and waves. To have a natural look, apply product into damp hair and let your hair dry. For braids, you can do any form of braid and have it in style. If you are going for a relaxed look, wear a messy bun or a ponytail. The biggest trend is the waves. It is a great look for day or night. You can get this look by adding mousse and diffuse your hair. It looks great on the beach. 

Use these tips to help save your hair from damage and use the summer trends to style your hair. It will keep your hair healthy, looking great and feeling great.