Wednesday, November 2, 2016

How To Make Your Make-up Look Great In Photos

Have you ever taken a photo and your make-up just looks shiny, blotchy or completely alters the look of you? I know I have. Making your make-up look great for every day life is a little different then making it look great for photos. Photos make your skin look a little different then what it may look like in a mirror. Here are some great make-up tips to make sure your make-up looks great in every photo.

1. Prep & Prime. You should always prep and prime your make-up even just for every day wear. Always prep your face by using a moisturizer 1st. This will keep your skin from drying out. Use a primer to follow. It acts as a base coat for your make-up. It allows for a smoother application and makes it last longer.

2. Always use SPF. Using SPF should be apart of your daily skin care routine. Using SPF will not only block your skin from the suns harmful rays but it will help block some of the flash from the camera so you won't get washed out.

3. Make sure your foundation matches. Test your foundation to make sure it matches your neck and face perfectly. In every day life, if the foundation is off a little bit your might not notice, but in photos this tends to be amplified, making it very noticeable. 

4. Use Concealer. Flashes tend to enhance any dark circles or skin imperfections, so use a concealer that is about 2 shades lighter then your skin. The concealer will help cover these imperfections so you don't see them in photos.

5. Contour & Highlight. You have heard the saying the camera adds 10 pounds. Well you can help reduce that by contouring and highlighting. This will help to emphasize certain areas of the face and eliminate fullness in the face.

6. Always set with powder. Use a translucent powder in the t-zone and chin area to keep from getting shiny. It will help keep your make-up in place all day.

7. Use matte face products. Use a matte finished blush, bronzer, foundation or powder to prevent you from looking oily in photos. Be sure to blend it in well so your don't have any harsh lines.

8. Add a little extra. Don't go over board, just make sure you have some color and your lash game is on point. Photos can take out color, so you want to make sure you look good.

9. Avoid nude lips. Nude lips in photos just don't show up well. Always use a lip balm 1st, so you don't have dry, cracked lips. Aphrodite's Lip Treatment is great and can be used on top for an added shine that lasts all day.

10. First, Let Me Take A Selfie. Taking a selfie (with the flash on) before you leave is a great way to see how your going to look in photos. You can then examine yourself and adjust your make-up where it is needed.

I hope these great make-up tips help you get better selfies and photos. Let's face it, everyone wants the perfect selfie. 

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