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The Best Weight Loss Foods Ever!

Loosing weight and keeping it off is probably the hardest thing ever. Especially if you are a middle aged men and women. It seems like no matter what you eat, or how much you exercise the weight never seems to come off as quickly as we think it should. You are allowed to indulge or have a cheat day every once in a while because lets face it we live for those days. For the rest of the time, here are some great foods to add into your diet with there benefits and the the amount of calories they have per a serving.

1. Almonds. Almonds can help lower your cholestrol and keep you slim. They contain fiber and vitamins. There are 163 calories in one serving which is 23 almonds.

2. Apples. Apples slow digestion which helps you feel fuller, faster. This will help you consume fewer calories when you eat one apple with your meal. They have antioxidants, vitamin c and fiber. There are 95 calories in one apple.

3. Artichokes. 1 artichoke contains 10.3 grams of fiber. They help curb your appetite. Eat them raw in a salad or cook them as an appetizer. There are 60 calories per a serving.

4. Avocados. They help reduce food cravings, improve vision, heart health, and can reduce cancer risks. They contain potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamins c & e. In 1 cup there are 234 calories, not bad for all of those benefits.

5. Bananas. Not only do they contain potassium which helps reduce cramping, but they help your bodies digestive system feel fuller, longer. They have the most nutritional value when they are still a little green. In 1 banana there are 105 calories.

6. Black Beans. High in protein (19.5 grams in 1/2 a cup!) Help you burn calories, reduce belly fat, and curb your appetite. In 1/2 a cup there are 312 calories.

7. Blueberries. In 1 cup there are 85 calories and 4 grams of fiber. They help to speed up your metabolism and give you energy. Eat some about 15-20mins before a workout to boost your results.

8. Broccoli. Good source of fiber, calcium, and has cancer fighting compounds. Best when eaten raw or steamed. Super low in calories at only 30 per a cup.

9. Brown Rice. Lower in calories then white rice, filling, has tons of fiber. They help reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. In 1 cup there are 216 calories.

10. Cabbage. Full of antioxidants and vitamin c. And with only 22 calories in a cup, they can be a great addition to any salad, slaw or even sandwich.

11. Carrots. Help boost your immune system. They have lots of water and fiber. If you eat them roasted, they have more antioxidants and will help you burn more calories then eaten raw. They have 53 calories per a cup.

12. Cauliflower. Has 27 calories per a cup. Also full of fiber, potassium, vitamins k, c, and b6. Can be used as a lower calorie substitute for potatoes and it will still taste great because it will take on the flavors of everything else you use.

13. Chili Peppers. Full of vitamin c. Great for your metabolism and can help you burn fat much quicker. (up to 90 calories after a meal) Mix them into a dish if you cannot handle eating spicy foods. They have 30 calories in 1/2 a cup.

14. Coffee. Coffee plain can help boost your metabolism and burn about 26 calories per a cup. Use coffee in other ways like a shake or as a seasoning. You can't go wrong at 1 calorie per a cup.

15. Collard Greens. Give you a daily dose of vitamin a and k, while also giving you calcium. A great source of fiber and when eaten raw, its 11 calories in 1 cup.

16. Eggs. Loaded with protein, eat eggs for breakfast and it can help you loose more weight. Egg whites help you feel fuller, longer and keep your metabolism in check. In 1 boiled egg, its 78 calories.

17. Figs. They are naturally sweet, so no sugar needed. Eat one to help curb your appetite and settle your sweet tooth. Also they are very high in fiber at 279 calories in 1 cup.

18. Grapefruit. This fat burning food is made up of mostly water. Eat 1 half a grapefruit before each meal and it can help you loose up to 1 pound in a week. That's with not doing anything else! There high water content makes you feel fuller, quicker. There are 97 calories in 1 cup.

19. Greek Yogurt. The best of all the yogurts. Keeps you fuller and helps you eat less. Also for women, it helps keep your vagina in great health and can help fight off yeast infections. Makes a great snack with 17g of protein per a serving and between 80-100 calories depending on the brand and flavor. You can also get plain, then add your own fruit to it.

20. Green Tea. Known to help boost your metabolism, and burn fat but did you know that when you drink 5 cups a day, it can help you loose twice as much weight! It can also help reduce the risk of dangerous diseases like Parkinson's, ovarian, skin and prostate cancer. Add lemon or orange to it to help boost its benefits. There are 60 calories per a cup. Which is about half what a can of pop is.

21. Kimchi. If you can get past the smell or the fact that its fermented cabbage, Kimchi has a great source of vitamins a, b, c and probiotics. It also contains a healthy bacteria that can improve your gut lining and reduce inflammation. It only has 34 calories in every 100 grams.

22. Lean Protein. Not eating enough protein can help you gain weight instead of lose it. Eat small servings of protein throughout the day like chicken, turkey or 97% lean ground beef. It can help you improve muscle strength. In 1 serving of turkey, it is about 150 calorie.

23. Lemon. It is a quick, easy way to add flavor without adding calories. They help keep you full and fight off hunger cravings. There are 2 calories per a slice of lemon.

24. Mustard. The perfect condiment. It will add flavor without adding calories. There are 0 calories in most yellow mustard's and they have low amounts of saturated fat. 

25. Oranges. Full of vitamin c and fiber. They help you eat less through out the day. For a different orange, try a blood orange. In 1 cup of oranges it is 85 calories.

26. Peanut Butter. Full of healthy fats and protein, peanut butter is a great snack ad on. Combine it will a complex carb to keep your metabolism in check. In 2 tbsp it is 188 calories.

27. Pears. They will give you 15% of your daily fiber and lots of antioxidants in 1 serving. In 1 cup there are 80 calories.

28. Potatoes. Not normally good for you, but when eaten in moderation, (and not fried) they can help your body burn fat. They also help fill you up and keep you full. In 1 potato there are 163 calories.

29. Popcorn. 3 cups of air popped popcorn is the same amount of calories as 1 small handful of chips. As long as it is air popped and not from the movies, it is a healthy and filling snack. Loaded with fiber and protein. It has 106 calories per a 1oz serving. (good thing its light)

30. Pumpkin. Great for a dogs digestive system, and for you as well. Low in calories at 30 calories per a cup, this naturally sweet fruit is perfect for baking. High in fiber, and with lots of potassium and fiber. They can also be used in soup or a puree.

31. Raspberries. In 1 cup you can help reduce your risk of heart disease, get 4 grams of fiber, and get 25% of your daily vitamin c, all well only having 65 calories. Eat with whipped cream for a low calorie and fat dessert.

32. Red Wine. Can help reduce your waist line by increasing your calorie burn for up to 90 minutes after 1 glass. Can also help reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease. Be careful though because it also has a few calories at 125 per a 5oz glass.

Hope these food items are something you like and can help you get towards a healthier you. It won't be easy but never give up. Good luck :)


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50 Best Weight Loss Foods Of All Time

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